Harris Branch – Green Building

The Harris Branch senior-living property is unique in a number of ways, but its status as a leader on energy efficiency is among its standouts.

The apartments were designed and built under the Austin Energy Green Building program, which should be one of the first things anyone looking for energy-efficient apartments in Austin, TX, should check for. The initiative is the city of Austin’s official climate-protection program that encourages the adoption of “green” practices throughout homes and apartment complexes. The program provides resources for designers and builders seeking to create sustainable spaces, including a rating system to measure and track properties’ success.

As one of the leading energy-efficient apartments in Austin, TX, a commitment to green living is embedded throughout Harris Branch. The property uses an energy-efficient HVAC system, which provides residents in each individual unit control over the temperature. The building is equipped with high-efficiency compact lighting, and apartments feature Energy Star ceiling fans in living rooms and bedrooms. Each unit is also fully equipped with a range of Energy Star appliances, including refrigerators and dishwashers. The building was designed with systems that enable it to use 15 percent less water than the city of Austin requires, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures. The construction process also had sustainability in mind, with more than half of the waste that was produced being recycled and painting products used that promote good indoor air quality.

Residents are encouraged to follow the green principles that helped guide the building’s construction. Recycling containers are conveniently located on the property to help reduce unnecessary waste. Residents are also urged to broaden their transportation options, with covered bike racks provided at the building and easily accessible bus stops and access to ride-sharing options like ZipCar.

Harris Branch’s energy-efficient apartments in Austin, TX, allow residents the comfort and convenience they have come to expect from senior living, with the added bonus of knowing they’re helping to promote healthy living now and in the future. Contact us today to learn more!